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Learning comes through playing

Need Help Getting Things Right from the Start?

As a child development coach, Dr. Louise Boothby (“Dr. Lou”)  works with parents and caregivers to ease the challenges they face during the early years as they bring their babies home from the hospital, and as the babies grow into toddlers and transition from toddlerhood to trusting 3-year-olds.  It truly is easier and more effective to get things right the first time rather than fixing them later!

Dr. Lou’s goal is  to enlighten parents and caregivers about how  to put the play pieces together for optimal child development without having to get into theoretical constructs and details. She knows and understands how the theories can be translated into high quality play so your children will be ready to transition to kindergarten as smoothly as possible. 

Playtime 1-2-3

What Dr. Lou Can Do For You

“Dr. Lou” provides private, individualized developmental coaching for parents and caregivers who want to understand how developmental play fits into their busy schedules and everyday lives, and how it contributes to school readiness.


First, Dr. Lou observes your child in natural play environments at school, in the classroom, on the playground and at home to get a “snapshot” of your child’s development across 5 developmental domains.

Best Practice

Dr. Lou works with your child’s teachers at school to enhance the classroom environment and ensure developmentally appropriate practice and respectful, mindful relationships.


The third phase of Playtime 1-2-3 includes home visiting components so that you are 100% comfortable with organizing hands-on play experiences within your family routines.


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