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Playing on the porch

What if I told you the key to success in life starts with good ole’ exploration through play when you are young? That’s exactly what my book is all about!

Your Child Will Be Ready for School and Life

Playing on the Porch offers practical, “hands-on,” and applicable daily experiences involving water-based, outdoor play with available household props and materials. It is written to address one of the biggest concerns for all parents and caregivers: Will my child be ready for school and life?

According to Sara Smilansky and other child development experts, “fluid” (water included) construction play is a precursor to pre-academic readiness. However, this type of play is often overlooked because it is considered difficult to manage.

This book is written for those who are interested in having children ready for school and life skills through the pre-arrangement of playful environments where kids can be kids, be creative and have fun, while caregivers learn that it is alright to let their children explore.

Outdoor water play is one path in the journey to readiness and life, whether it’s in the yard, on a deck or simply “playing on the porch.”


Practical, "hands on" and applicable daily experiences


water-based, outdoor play with available household props and materials


children practice daily routines so they become habits, not hassles


control of "fluid" materials leads to school skills like listening, following directions and sitting


water-based play is naturally attractive to children and promotes engagement, persistence and mastery - all important for life!

How Much Fun is Water Play?!

Here are just a few of the many happy children and caregivers who think there is all kinds of fun to be had when playing on the porch … or patio. Scroll along …

About Playing on the porch

Times are Different, But Children Aren’t

Playing on the Porch was practiced in our family with my siblings and me, and the next generation of kids. When I first moved to Sarasota near my extended family, my cousin, Terry, owned and operated a family childcare in her home. I showed her how to keep young children happy and engaged with “fluid” construction play materials in her driveway. And now I am showing the next generation how to do it, too!

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