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playtime 1-2-3
Fun is the best thing to have with our children while they are learning through play! Play is an essential part of children’s overall development. It is their work.

What is Playtime 1-2-3?

Playtime 1-2-3 is a private coaching business for parents and caregivers who want to understand how developmental play fits into their busy schedules and everyday lives, and how it contributes to school readiness. Dr. Lou listens to caregiver concerns, plans for assessment, models best teaching practices and coaches play strategies at home.

She accepts referrals for children birth through 8 years old from pediatricians, family childcare homes/centers and schools, and from parents themselves who are looking for guidance. Home visits are offered to accommodate work schedules and blend into families’ lives. Virtual visits are available.

1. assessment

During the first phase of Playtime 1-2-3, Dr. Lou will observe your child in every day natural play environments at school, in the classroom, on the playground and at home.

This will provide a “snapshot” of development across 5 areas called “domains”:

Gross & Fine Motor, or big muscle (arms, legs, body) and small muscle (hands) movements

Cognitive, or thinking and problem-solving skills observed through play experiences

Communication – receptive language (listening) and expressive language (talking)

Social-emotional, or self-awareness –  learning to get along with others and play together in groups

Assessment tools may vary.

2. best practice

In the second phase of Playtime 1-2-3, Dr. Lou will work with the teachers at school to enhance the classroom environments, ensure developmentally appropriate practice (high quality programming) and respectful, mindful relationships. Your child will become:

Positively engaged and happy with peers and responsive adults

Comfortable, enthusiastic and eager to learn in the well-equipped and attractively arranged environments

Interested in the chosen curriculum, with any modifications embedded to ensure consistent success

3. coaching

This phase of Playtime 1-2-3 includes the home visiting components:

Introductory (HV1) – To visit the home environment, its toys and play materials

Pre-Arrangement (HV2) – To set up age-appropriate play spaces to enhance the child’s attention, cooperation and learning

Modeling (HV3) -To work together until you are 100% comfortable with organizing hands-on play experiences within your family routines

Children need to play for many reasons:

  • To build trust through nurturing relationships with family & friends
  • To move, learn to focus their attention & become confident explorers
  • To experiment, figure out problems & become independent thinkers
  • To listen, talk, take turns & become good communicators
  • To learn cooperation, sharing & become social with others
  • To have balance in their lives, learn to relax & reach their full potential

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