parents & caregivers comment
Dr. Lou gave me the best ideas and advice so I can start early getting my children ready for school while they are young through daily routines and organized play experiences.

I LOVE Dr. Lou because she helped me understand WHY my toddler does certain things and how to be proactive, fostering the best behavior, cooperation, and hence creating the PERFECT, FUN family environment! Thank you, Doc!

Gabriella LeClair

Alexander is 9 now and still at CDS (former GFA) and is in 4th Grade. His grades are all As and he loves school. He started playing the piano last year and recently received a Superior at the Sarasota Music Festival for his performance of Cowboy World. Alexander started playing competitive golf two years ago and is one of the better players for his age nationally. He recently played in two regional Boys 9 golf tournaments (Arizona and Georgia) against 40+ of the best players from 20+ states and Canada in each tournament and finished in 4th place in both. In his last tournament he shot a second round score of 68 (4 under par) and finished with a 36-hole total of 146 (2 over par). He leaves school early to go to a golf academy for three hours a day and is continuing to improve his game. He is having a great life.
Roger Kaufman

Andrew has made such progress since you first came into our lives almost a year ago … we are in a good place. Andrew is excited to go to school each day. Our first parent teacher conference went great. He’s making good connections with friends and fitting in well. He’s continues to show himself as a leader in group settings and has transitioned well to exploring friends ideas. He’s still a 4-year-old boy with lots of energy and big ideas. The past 12 months has been a rewarding rollercoaster that has grown us closer and more aware of his needs. I’m sure Lauren’s time will come but for now she continues to balance us out with her sweetness and laid back personality. 

We would not be here without YOU! There is not a single day that has gone by that I don’t remind myself of how far we have come. Thank you for each and every phone call, email, dream, home visit, racking of your brain you have done to get us here.

Erin Jones